lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

Antarctic Feelings

Este no es un poema, es una reflexion preparada en el contexto de mi ultimo viaje a la donde he regresado hace escasas en idioma ingles...una reflexion que queria compartir...


This is our second day crossing the Drake to Ushuaia.  For most of the day, the National Geographic Explorer continued moving its way north in a rough Drake, with strong winds blowing from the northwest at 45 to 50 knots. Later in the day, we got into the calm waters of the Beagle Channel having left behind us the largest ocean current in the world, transporting more water than any other marine current.   We arrived in Ushuaia late in the evening.

As we were travelling along the Beagle Channel surrounded by beautiful green hills and breathtaking shorelines, the memories of Antarctica were still fresh in our minds.  But besides remembering the fantastic activities that we undertook during the last week in the White Continent, there was an internal voice that was telling us that it was time for reflection.  When we think about Antarctica it becomes clear to our minds that Antarctica is not only a place; it is also a feeling, a way of perceiving nature.  Only someone who has experienced the long sunsets, the endless skies, the vastness of the sea ice, the majesty of mountain peaks and hanging glaciers, the brightness of the ice, the sinuosity of channels and inlets, the tranquility of bays and coves, the delicate beauty of floating icebergs, and the rich diversity of marine fauna in Antarctica... is aware of the effect that this region offers the human soul.  Experiencing Antarctica causes an inner change, a connection with ourselves that awakens an inner need that calls us to return to this land.  

In a trip like this, we become affected in a special way when we have the luxury of enough time to contemplate and enjoy natural scenery.  As our mind wanders along unexplored paths, our thoughts become clearer, and we are able to connect deeply with ourselves and the surroundings.  Time takes an unusual dimension in Antarctica, giving us the opportunity to explore those deep, fundamental feelings. The long traveling hours across Antarctica awaken the most adventurous and romantic side of one’s nature. At the same time, Antarctica makes us think about how we relate to nature in general and the responsibility that we have to protect the ecosystems that keep us alive. Sitting quiet, watching the calm sea, full of icebergs, surrounded by mountains with the endless horizon as background is the perfect place to commit ourselves to do our outmost to preserve our planet.  Antarctica is like an eternal spirit and we are certain that we will not be the same after having being on the White Continent.  It is time to leave now, but Antarctica will remain in our minds and hearts for years to come.

Drake Passage, 5 de Febrero de 2012

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