jueves, 30 de enero de 2014

The crystals where we get lost

There are different crystals, with varying colors, there some that are smooth, rough, with plated filigree, grinding, hard, brittle, bright, opaque and mirrored.

Life is expressed as a constant dynamic interactions between these crystals. They are the ones that make us see things in a certain way or form; its colors and brightness condition ourselves, and situations that have an intrinsic reality are interpreted differently depending on the lens through which we look.  One can see the same situation in a certain way at a time of our life and a completely different depending on the glass we choose to observe the situation. This crucially affects us...transforming us into slaves of the crystal that we choose at any time. Sometimes those crystal enlighten us, they show us the way of joy, sometimes they lead us down paths of unhappiness...but at the end of the day, we are the ones that chose the crystals...the crystals do not choose us.

Sometimes life gives us a gift and it makes two mirrored lenses to naturally face each other, looking closely, reflecting intimately. This reflection is so infinitely played...and in a nearby space which in turn is also perceived as distant, these mirrors are closely attached, taking communion, kissing each other. The light they receive is shared in a loving fashion so that they shine together, and in doing so they create harmony and give birth to a special light.  Similarly, by merging into eternally projected images they move into a higher energy level. This play of lights and images is being reproduced indefinitely as long as these crystals maintain their position, allowing the light to be received together...this is perhaps the most intimate connection between crystals. And this crystal union remains even though the crystals rotate on their axis...and regardless of the speed with which they do...the important thing is to keep the facing position, that is to keep the commitment between them.

Suddenly one day, a change of energy, generated by an unknown cosmic source induces one of these crystal/mirrors to rotate 180 degrees so as to turn its back on his fellow mirror.  With this simple change the surface of the mirror that has moved becomes a dark wall...inert, lifeless, without the ability to reflect the slightest light. It's amazing to think that the same element can be presented in such a different way and do this movement so fast and capriciously. The mirror that stays still remembers and reveres the light that was shared between them but now it is confronted with this opaque wall...and while it may feel that there is some kind of light still related to the inverted mirror, the nature of that light is perceived as distant and dead. Even if it tries to see beyond, trying to capture some of the light that originally bounded them, or the light that the other mirror might be reflecting in other  directions, this is not possible and beyond small flashes, there is nothing, no light...no life.

The light reflected between the two crystals seemed safe, eternal...but the dynamics of crystals respond to other forces, and the crystals have the ability to choose to change positions, sometimes with defined clarity, sometimes driven by confusing needs...to ask crystals for certainty, something that some might call security, it is asking them too much.

These are the crystals where we get lost

Bariloche January 30, 2014

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